A Tentative Self-Introduction 自己紹介

Jikoshoukai 自己紹介じこしょうかい is the Japanese word for “self-introduction.” Self-introductions are very important in Japan. The last time I visited the country, I found myself having to give this “mini speech” to just about every new person I met. Luckily, self-introductions are simple enough – they’re meant to be short and sweet: you say hello, your name, where you’re from, a little about your country’s culture, and a little about yourself too. You only get one first impression though, so it’s important to do it right. I’ve written my intro out in advance this time and memorized it too because I already know that I’ll be reciting it quite a bit once I get to Japan.


Hello! My name is Julia Eberhardt. I’m from Los Angeles, in the United States. Los Angeles is located toward the west of the U.S. Two years ago I visited Japan, but I’ve never been to the city of Minoh before, so I’m looking forward to it! As for my hobbies, I enjoy reading books, but while I’m in Japan, I’m interested in studying Japanese flower arranging. Overall, I’m really honored to be working with everyone here. Thank you for having me.

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