Pre-Departure Checklist

  1. Eat as much cheese as possible (preferably Gouda – any kind is okay though)
    1. And fruit
      1. And also Mexican food
  2. Practice self-introduction
  3. Learn how to write new address in kanji
  4. Take sister out for pineapple soft serve ice cream
  5. Pick fresh strawberries from a strawberry field
  6. Enjoy California’s low humidity levels while I still can
  7. Order Thai food
    1. *Order Panang curry
  8. SLEEP
  9. Finally make that blueberry cobbler recipe I’ve had bookmarked since February
  10. See best friends one last time and tell them thank you
  11. Learn how to say the names of different cheeses in Japanese, just in case
  12. Have a barbecue with sweet potato fries and lots of pink lemonade
  13. Choose favorite photos of friends and family
    1. Print favorite photos of friends and family
  14. Go to the beach one more time and walk along the sand and listen to the waves
    1. Dip toes in the water
      1. Build a sandcastle with a draw-bridge and a moat
  15. Spend every one of the remaining six days with family

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