A tribute to the Momiji

Winter has made itself at home in Minoh. The trees – once painted all kinds of yellows and reds and oranges – are brown now, bare and grim. As I make my way around the city, biking to the grocery store or lugging my dirty clothes to the laundromat, I can’t help but feel a bit somber at the sight of all the brown, leaf-less maple trees. So once in a while, I’ll look back at pictures that I took during a hike up the path towards Minoh’s waterfall in mid-November, just as the maple leaves were turning red. I’ve walked that path several times, but it was especially beautiful that day. I thought I’d dedicate a post to the photos from that hike, in honor of the momiji、or maple leaves.


Little stalls and shops selling souvenirs and Momiji tempura line the street.
A humble foot bath for weary travelers.



For access to the Minoh waterfall, here’s the link to the website.

3 thoughts on “A tribute to the Momiji

  1. Jean Crane

    Julia — you capture the essence of the autumn season (just as you capture essence in all your writings). I especially like the feeling evoked from the empty bench. Indescribable!
    Thanks, Jean Crane

    Liked by 1 person

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